First of all, it’s a legal requirement to submit a VAT return (of you are VAT registered) and a self-assessment tax return or accounts to Companies house and a Corporation Tax return if you are a company; to HMRC which may declare your income and expenditure, your assets and liabilities. The best way to get your finances in order for a plumbing and heating business so that Together We Count Limited as your accountant can then file these documents, is to use Xero for your day to day bookkeeping requirements.

Xero is the UK’s leading on-line accounting software for small businesses which can manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, and bookkeeping plus more with the add-on store.

We find at Together We Count that it’s the best software for the industry due to its ability to integrate with other software and because of its ease of use. Just one example of this is that you can get an app on your phone and invoice your customers directly from the app, on the job or even before the job.

“The list goes on as to how Xero can be integrated with other software and enhance your plumbing and heating business”

It can be accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere as it is a cloud based accounting solution, which allows you to keep your records on track when you have the time.

See Xero as a smart phone. On a smart phone you download apps to enhance usability, but the phone is the key item needed to access all of the applications that make your phone useful to you. It is your main hub for everything you need. See Xero as the hub of your business, the main piece of software used to manage your accounts, but Xero can also link to your CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) including SimPro and Service M8 

For more information on having a CRM system in your business, please refer to this blog.

As long as your bank is reconciled and everything is up to date on the sales invoices side of the business then if a customer has forgotten or failed to pay you, they will automatically get a reminder sent via email. This can be set up automatically, at set intervals to remind your customers that their invoice is overdue for payment.

You can enhance Xero in other ways by including Go Cardless, which means if you invoice a customer and they are registered with Go Cardless, you will automatically get paid when the invoice is due, therefore speeding up your debtors days and improving your cashflow, significantly.

The list goes on as to how Xero can be integrated with other software and enhance your plumbing and heating business, check out: 

Tradify (crm)
Gas Engineer Software (crm)
HubSpot (CRM and lead management)
Mailchimp (email automation)
Receipt Bank (accounting tool)
Harvest (time management)
YourTradeBase (admin busting app)
Chaser (credit control)
Expensify (expenses)
Futrli (forecasting)
Deputy (employee management)
Timely (appointments)
Service M8 (crm)
SimPro (crm)

All of these apps sync together with Xero which stops the need for duplicated data entry, therefore saving you time and money. There are literally thousands of apps that integrate with Xero so like a smart phone, you can tailor it in many ways to enhance the efficiency of your plumbing and heating business, meaning you can spend more time doing the jobs that earn you money and less time in the office catching up with paperwork. 


“Xero enables business to be paperless”

What features does Xero include?

  • Accept payments
  • Asset management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Business performance dashboard
  • Construction Industry Scheme submissions
  • Contacts and smart lists
  • Hubdoc data capture
  • Expenses
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Pay bills
  • Payroll
  • Project management
  • Purchase orders
  • Quotes
  • Reporting
The software can eliminate the need to provide your accountant (us!) with bank statements, sales invoices and receipts. Meaning you can have a paperless office. All we need to do is to log in and access your accounts data and information as required. 

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