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Welcoming back your customers

For those with businesses in the hospitality sector, the announcement that you can open on the 4th of July may have been met with relief, excitement and also apprehension. You know that things will have to be done differently now and it is absolutely vital that you are ready. If you are not Covid ready by the 4th July than you must remain closed until you are. 

It is really important that you familiarise yourself with the government guidelines as there are many things you need to consider and have in place before you welcome back your first customers. I have included a link to the official government guidelines published on 23/06/2020.

As you may well know, I co-own a bar in Brighton so I thought I would share with you some of the things we have been putting in place to prepare: 

  • We will be keeping a temporary record (21 days) of all customers that enter the venue. This will include, name, email address, phone number and time in and out. (This is to assist with NHS Test and Trace)
  • We will allow tables of 4 maximum (only 2 households can meet inside).
  • No groups allowed and everyone must be seated
  • It will be table service only
  • The tables will be spread out further than normal to maintain social distancing (2m is the guidelines reducing to 1m if that is not possible)
  • Customers will be provided with hand sanitiser on arrival and we will encourage the use of masks when moving around the venue (not necessary when sat at their allocated table)
  • We will encourage the use of our takeaway service so that customers can enjoy their drink away from the venue.
  • There will be door staff on the entrance to ensure any queues building up are managed and social distancing is maintained as people enter and exit the venue.
  • We have ramped up our cleaning programme to ensure hard surfaces are sanitized every hour. Whenever a table is vacated, the table and chairs will be cleaned before reuse.
  • We will display our Covid-19 Secure certificate clearly throughout the venue – see attached.

I wanted to take a moment to give you a huge pat on the back for getting through such a challenging time while your business was forced to shut, and while I know it’s not over yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Every business is unique and will have its own challenges to overcome but if I can support you in any way then please get in touch. 

It may take a while for business to return to normal and if you have concerns, please book a ‘trading in difficult times’ appointment and we can chat via Zoom.

Other links you may find useful are listed below:

This link takes you to guidance for hotels and other guest accommodation.

These links takes you to further guidance for retail and hospitality businesses.


 Aaron Mcleish

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