Do you ever wonder why your quotes aren’t being accepted? Do you spend ages adding as much detail as possible to your quote, making it look the part, including as much technical know-how as possible? Surely the long list of features you have included is bound to impress the customer.

Well, guess what?

“People don’t buy features, they buy benefits.”

Let me explain.

Unless your customer is a plumber themselves or has some experience or knowledge in the industry, they don’t know why they need to spend money on a magnetic filter or a chemical flush. As far as they’re concerned they need a new boiler and that’s expensive enough.

“These extra items listed in the quote seem too expensive and unnecessary. Seems a bit underhanded them trying to flog me these extra parts.”

But what if they understood exactly why they needed to spend money on these items? If the benefit of these unknown items was explained to them then they would certainly be more likely to accept your quote and part with their money.

So how about this:

We will supply one in-line magnetic filter and install it into position on boiler return.

A magnetic boiler filter is an attachment fitted directly to your central heating system. It collects various metallic particles, storing them safely so they don’t form a sludge that can settle at the base of a boiler and cause major problems.


Chemical Flush

Removes sludge, scale, and debris from the existing central heating system to restore heating efficiency and eliminate boiler noise.

As you can see, the customer has a much better understanding of why they need to spend money on these items.

If you can do this for every element within your quote then you are bound to see an increase in your quote acceptance levels.

Turning features into benefits is just one step towards building the perfect quote. You can get your free copy of The Quote Checklist here and begin your journey to producing the winning quote template that can be used time and time again.

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