As you may already know from the video sent in December, Together We Count is expanding and will now cover two cities, Brighton and Sheffield. Sheffield is eventually going to be our main hub, where we will spend most of our time, but we will be in Brighton on a regular basis too.

As mentioned in the video message, Aaron will be in Brighton for one week of every month. This will vary depending on our client’s needs. We have a new booking system which will allow Brighton clients to book a face to face meeting during the week Aaron is in town. Clients will also be able to use the booking system to arrange meetings via video conference or telephone, any day or time during the working week. We have done this to ensure that we continue to meet your needs and deliver the service you expect and deserve, even if we are not in your close vicinity.

We are excited to be bringing Together We Count to Sheffield and we are looking forward to discovering what exciting businesses and talented individuals it has to offer.

Brighton will always be our home and we are grateful to modern technology for allowing us to continue serving our wonderful city.

Should you have any questions about our move, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


And just for fun… “Change is inevitable-except from a vending machine.” -Robert C. Gallagher

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