Don’t see having a CRM as a cost, see it as an investment.’ 

As your business gets more and more busy and you start getting more and more jobs in, you might struggle to keep track of your diary. The best thing to do is introduce a CRM system (customer relationship management). 

There are a few which are popular with plumbing and heating businesses listed below, but the list is by no means exhaustive. 

Service M8
Field Magic
Trade Soft
Sales Force

Why does my plumbing and heating business need a CRM system?

A lot of these software’s are absolutely brilliant. Each of them has their own unique features but ultimately, they are designed to manage the customer journey by allowing you to do things like:

  • Book in jobs
  • Manage your diary
  • Add system notes
  • Manage customer profiles including boiler type, meaning you are able to prepare for your jobs.
  • If you have a few engineers, you can manage their diaries too
  • Prepare invoices
  • Prepare purchase orders to send to suppliers
  • Capture signatures
  • Accept payments
  • Sync with your accounting package

Plus many more features……….. 


“No need to head back to the office with your paper work”

A lot of them are mobile friendly, meaning you can produce invoices and more while on the job, in your van or in the que at the merchants, which will save you time and time is money! No need to head back to the office with your paper work to get mundane admin tasks completed. If you have to wait until the end of the day to fill out your job sheets, email invoices to customers, you’re going to forget something, so rely on software, systems and processes to get the job done there and then. See it as a brain dump! 

Use technology to your advantage. Yes, it may cost you somewhere between £20-£50+ VAT per engineer, per month, but don’t see it as a cost, see it as an investment. Think of the money you would have lost by missing out on a job due to mistakes in your handwritten diary, or the money lost from forgetting to invoice a customer.

Do a bit of research to see which one would suit your businesses best interests, but here at Together We Count, we highly recommend using one.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of a CRM in your plumbing and heating business, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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