Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEIS) update:

The SEIS HMRC gateway is now open. In order to make a SEIS claim you must have a Government Gateway ID and password. If you do not create a HMRC gateway account, you will not be able to make a claim.

If you do not have a Government Gateway ID then you can obtain one through the Eligibility tool which HMRC have set up. Here is the link:…/enter-unique-taxpayer-refe…
When you click on the link it will ask for your UTR and then National Insurance number (this information can be obtained from looking at past tax returns which will be on an email, or you can log into to view previously signed tax returns).
Once that is put in, the online tool should advise whether or not HMRC think you are eligible for the scheme. If you are, HMRC will ask you to add your contact details as they will use this to tell you when to claim and what you need to do beforehand. When you click through at that point, the online tool asks for your Gateway ID and password.
If you haven’t got this, then via the online tool you can request a Gateway ID. Failure to have a Gateway ID will delay the ability for you to make a claim for being self-employed.

Please note that I am unable to make this claim for you as I have an agent gateway to view your HMRC personal tax account.
As a footnote, I have been notified that the online portal and claims can be made at 8am on 13th or 14th May 2020.

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