Please find below a checklist of information required to prepare a self-assessment tax return. You can also download the Word Document here.

Please complete and return this list along with the relevant information to Together We Count Limited

Please Tick or mark N/A
The latest HMRC Self Assessment Tax Statement of Account, if you received one
Any change in your marital status
Details of any student loans you are liable to repay, including whether they fall under Plan A or Plan B
Employment Form P60 or P45, copy of P11D. Details of any taxable lump sums; fixed deductions from employment and redundancy payments and any student loan deductions taken.
Are you a director or officeholder
Self-Employment & Partnership Accounting paperwork for your Accounting Period that ended in this tax year. Details of income and expenses arising or business accounts together with a note of any capital additions or disposals.
CIS Subcontractor All Tax Statements from Contractors between 6th April and 5th April in addition to Self Employment records
Pensions State Pension, private pensions and overseas pensions received, during the tax year.
Benefits State benefits or allowances received, during the tax year. Jobseekers allowance.
Child Benefit received by you or your partner (including any paid to someone else for a child, that lives with you), the number of children this was applicable to and your partners income and the date it ceased if applicable.
Income from Property Details of any rental income, rental statements and mortgage statements for the tax year including interest paid.
Bank/Building Society Accounts Interest received on any accounts from statements or certificates of interest received from your bank. Please indicate any Joint Accounts and enter Your Share of the income. (Include any interest received from PPI repayments)
UK Dividends Dividend vouchers and scrip dividend vouchers (where shares received in lieu of whole or part of dividend). Details of all UK shares held
Foreign Income Interest received on any foreign accounts. Dividend vouchers from any foreign holdings, details of all foreign shares held. Amounts in sterling
Foreign employment payslips covering the tax year. Details & dates overseas
Any other received or remitted income from overseas.
Life insurance Policies Income from insurance policies or deceased persons estates.
Other Sources Documentary evidence of any other income or details of source, when it first arose, amount received and if tax deducted.
Capital Transactions
Shares and Securities Documentary evidence of any other income or details of source, when it first arose, amount received and if tax deducted.
Share Options Documentation for options granted or exercised.
Chargeable Assets Full details of the cost/sale proceeds for any other assets. Whether in the UK or overseas
Life Assurance Investment Bonds All relevant Certificates.
Professional Subs & allowances Subscriptions paid to professional bodies or trade associations. Any other allowances or deductions
Pensions Details of all payments to pensions including any statements.
Gift Aid Donations Details of payments made under the gift aid scheme.
EIS/SEIS & VCT Details of subscriptions to the Enterprise Investment Scheme or SEED EIS or Venture Capital Trust. Copy of any forms EIS3 received.
Inheritance Tax Details of all gifts made over £250 including name of recipient
Other reliefs and deductions
Qualifying maintenance paid to a former spouse or civil partner
Post-cessation expenses, pre-incorporation losses, losses on relevant discounted securities.
Are you in receipt of a Marriage Allowance Transfer?
Have you made a Marriage Allowance Transfer to a partner or spouse?

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