Have you ever had that feeling of annoyance when someone accepts a quote immediately and says something along the lines of:

“oh wow I thought it would be more than that” 


“that’s well cheap”?

On the other hand, have you had potential custom immediately decline your offer stating that they have had a cheaper quote elsewhere? You’re now kicking yourself for misjudging the situation.

As Aaron says himself, the chance that you are going to offer the exact price the customer is willing to pay is pretty much zero.



“Don’t leave money on the table”

 So, what’s the solution?

Three prices.

If you haven’t come across the concept before, let me explain. The three-price concept lets the customer decide what they want to pay. You essentially are providing them with three quotes. Three prices, three different levels of service and three different lists of features. That way you are catering for all types of shoppers.

Those who live the highlife regardless of cost, those who sit firmly on the middle and care about good quality at a reasonable price, and those who are on a tight budget and a low cost is the most important thing to them.

There is so much detail to go into around this that Aaron has written a book on it, The Quote Handbook – Essential Steps to Building the Perfect Boiler Quote. You can grab a copy on Amazon

Here’s a paragraph from the book to give you a taster…

“You cannot be cheap and offer a highend service as your bottom line, profit won’t be present… you will be bending over backwards for a pittance. Don’t bend over backwards for pittance! Pick a path and stick to it, be budget or high-end – just don’t mix the two as your marketing material and image won’t be aligned.”

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