What would you say if a restaurant asked you to pay more for a well-done steak than a rare one?

You wouldn’t be happy being asked to pay more in a restaurant for a well-done steak because it takes the chef longer to cook than a rare one, would you?

And you wouldn’t be happy being told that the same restaurant can’t tell you how much your meal is going to cost until after you’ve eaten it, would you?

And yet that is exactly how professionals have traditionally priced their work. After the event. And based on how long it takes. Most accounting and bookkeeping firms would quote you an hourly rate.

The trouble with an hourly rate is you have absolutely no idea what the cost will be until after the work is complete. You have to trust that they are keeping an accurate record of how long they are spending. And you have no way to budget for the cost.

That doesn’t seem right to us… it’s certainly not fair.

It’s why we decided to call time on one of the oldest, and arguably strangest, traditions in the professions by removing the last traces of time-based billing. What we do is give a fixed price (based on your unique circumstances and what you want). That way you can budget and plan. You know with certainty what it is going to cost.

We also know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is different. Your business is unique. So what we do is give you a choice of different packages so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. And each of those packages can be further tailored so you get exactly what you want.

As Aaron, the director says, “it’s a refreshingly simple idea that takes the mystery out of professional fees and puts the customer firmly in control.”

He added: “Our customers were telling us that they wanted us to replace time-based billing – which has the bizarre potential for rewarding accountants for being slow – with a system of fixed prices, agreed in advance, that gives us an incentive to be more efficient and timely in everything we do. So that is exactly what we have done”.