As one of Brighton’s leading outsource accountancy firms, we have seen a deluge of enquires from businesses seeking advice on a variety of accountancy issues. At ‘Together We Count’ our clients range from start-up businesses to large corporate firms, but why should businesses consider outsourcing their accounts or payroll?

Firstly, statistics have been recorded that the average small business owner will spend up to 25 per cent of their working hours managing paperwork. Whilst outsourcing may seem daunting, it can certainly free up time for you to do what you love, running your business. However, an accountant is not just there for your general tax returns or payroll. Accountancy firms such as our fully qualified staff at ‘Together We Count’ can also offer solutions and provide methods to free-up cash flow and give advice on saving money.

Most firms will offer a variety of services to help your business successfully function on a day to day basis, these will include the following:

  • Preparing Accounts
  • Notifying HMRC of any changes to your business
  • Handling payroll and ensuring the correct tax codes are used for your employees

So why outsource?

No business owners want to make a mistake or incur fines. Allowing a fully qualified accountant to prepare tax documents or handle your payroll correctly will help save your business time and essentially money.

Outsourcing to a qualified accountant will also provide your business with full-time knowledge when you need them most. Hence, by allowing your accounts and payroll to be handled by a team of highly skilled staff it will make your job of running a business a whole lot easier.

Why should you outsource your payroll?

Payroll is often regarded as the most “mundane” aspects of business, and dealing with the paperwork can be a time consuming and a gruelling process that can be expensive in terms of man-hours. Outsourcing can quite simply prevent this from occurring. Outsourcing payroll can free up staff time to pursue more important tasks whilst the direct costs of processing payroll can be greatly reduced by working with a payroll provider.

An accountant will help you and your business develop

Throughout the business year, an outsourced accountant can help you through every stage of your businesses development. So whilst it’s not a legal requirement, they can help you to focus on concentrating on growing your business.

If you’re not financially savvy then the best option is to allow someone who is clued up in the field of accountancy to take control of your financial requirements. Together We Count will keep the day to day running of the accounts under control. This will allow you to keep control of what you love doing – running the business! Leave the boring mundane tasks to us.

Let us find out a solution for your business

To find out more about the products and services and outsource solutions we offer at ‘Together We Count’ then check out our website and other pages or request an appointment with one of our fully qualified accountants and see how we can help your business.

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