Tax Investigation Service

Have you considered a tax investigation service before but didn’t see the benefit?

You’re not alone. Unless you found yourself amidst a costly and stressful HMRC investigation, you probably wouldn’t. Until now.

HMRC enquiry activity has recently increased which is not surprising given the pressure on government coffers.

Once the Revenue decide to investigate your return you have no option but to comply.

Investigations are stressful, not to mention expensive, and the accountancy fees associated with defending you are not covered by our usual service fees. There may be no additional tax to pay upon conclusion of the investigation, but the costs to defend you remain payable. Early professional representation is essential in quickly and successfully dealing with HMRC.

We have included a leaflet which should answer any questions regarding enquiry triggers and why it’s more important than ever to be protected with our tax investigation service.

Everything you need, all in one place

To make your hard-earned cash go further in a world where we all seek better value for money, we have worked with Croner-i to put together a package that will fit any business sector, anywhere. My Business Hub is the ultimate digital toolkit and is now included as part of the tax investigation service.

Finally updating that staff handbook, writing a home-working policy or sadly that new hire didn’t quite work out; My Business Hub can help. Written documents and expert telephone advice on all areas of employment law, health & safety and business legalities.

You will have protection from the risk that you are unfortunate enough to flag up on HMRC’s radar, but My Business Hub adds extra value, whether you’re investigated or not.

To find out more about signing up, please email