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Xero Accounts

Xero is the UK’s leading on-line accounting software for small businesses which can manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, and bookkeeping plus more with the add-on store.

It can be accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere as it is a cloud based accounting solution, which allows you to keep your records on track when you have the time.

The software can eliminate the need to provide us with bank statements, sales invoices and receipts. All we need to do is to log in and access your accounts data and information as required.

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R&D Tax Boutique

At R&D our mission is simple. We are here to help our clients build the future. R&D Tax boutique are specialists in Research and Development Tax Credit claims.

Our services for Innovation Taxes include;

  • Research and Development Tax Credits
  • Patent Box
  • Cultural Tax Reliefs: particularly Video Games Tax Relief, but also; Film, Animation, High-end Television, Children’s Television, Theatre, Orchestra and Museums Tax Reliefs.
  • Innovation Grants
  • Resubmissions

Special discounted rates for clients of Together We Count

So, if you’re an Innovative Company, a company developing an innovative product/ service or a using a product in an innovative way, come and have a free no obligation chat to see how we can help you.


Shaun Sagar

07534 500634

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Upperton Advice

Upperton Advice was founded in 2022 by Elliot Beesley with the simple mission: to provide personalised, honest, fee-free mortgage and insurance advice to clients across the UK. Elliot’s experience within financial services started in 2012 when he studied Finance and Economics at University. After graduating he went onto work for an independent mortgage insurance brokerage based in Sussex where he developed an in-depth understanding of the mortgage market and the importance of positive client management. After almost six years he went on to work for the UK's largest online mortgage brokerage before setting up Upperton Advice. As a fully qualified mortgage advisor Elliot has helped countless clients navigate the complex world or mortgages and helped them secure the financing they need to achieve their dream property.

Elliot believes that every client has their own unique situation which is why he will take a personalised approach to every interaction. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced homeowner, he will work with you to understand your specific circumstances and provider tailored advice that meets your individual needs. Upperton advice are not tied to any particular lenders which means you will have access to a wide range of products from across the market and even exclusive rates that are not available direct.

One area he excels in is providing mortgage advice to self-employed clients. With lenders tightening their rules and changing the goalposts in the wake of the pandemic, securing a self-employed mortgage can be a complicated and stressful process. But with Upperton Advice on your side, you’ll have access to their market knowledge, experience and industry contacts, which could make all the difference in securing the mortgage you need.

01323 401488

Associated FA

At AFA, we have been providing financial planning and wealth management services to individuals and companies since 1995.  While based in Northampton, we have clients all over the UK and we are happy to conduct meetings face to face or remotely via video conferencing for all of our clients. We will be able to help you in areas including:

  • Pensions
  • Investments
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Financial Protection
  • Efficient utilisation of tax allowances

Chris Gibbs is a Chartered Financial Planner at AFA with over 10 years’ experience in the financial advice industry. Our aim is to work with our clients to help them make great financial decisions and put a plan in place so they know they have a secure financial future. Chris enjoys working with his clients to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Many people in the UK do not make enough provision for their retirement. To combat this, the UK government introduced auto-enrolment, however, this does not apply to the self-employed workforce. As such self-employed workers need to organise their own pension provision. We can help put a plan in place to meet your retirement plans and make sure you stay on track. 

Our clients really value our professional advice and the peace of mind it provides to them, knowing that they have a plan in place, which is reviewed annually. If you would like to have a no obligation, initial discussion and first meeting, please get in touch.

01604 790040