Business Advisory

The words ‘business advisory’ gets thrown about a lot in the world of business, but often it’s not explained. What is it? What does it mean? What can it do for your business? At Together We Count, we like to describe business advisory simply as getting from A to B.

‘A’ is where you are now. We find out where you are now by looking at your year-end financial statements, and your bookkeeping on Xero (or another cloud accounting package) to establish where your business is financially today.

‘B’ is simply where you want to be. ‘B’ is down to you, where you want to be both personally and in business. ‘B’ is unique and tailored to each individual and each business.

Your ‘B’ might be:

  1. Increase sales
  2. Win awards
  3. Improve your branding or image
  4. Retirement
  5. Spend more time with your family
  6. Have more holidays
  7. Have a brand-new car
  8. Buy a new home
  9. Reach £1million in sales or another sales target

The list is endless.

At Together We Count we’ll always find out why. For example, if you want to increase sales, why do you? A lot of people want to increase sales to increase profit, but that’s not always the case. You can increase profit without increasing sales.

By working with Together We Count and coming on to our Business Advisory programme, we will take the A, obtain the B, then drill down and establish exactly why you want your ‘B’. Our business advisory programme is designed to make sure the B happens. We will make sure you get to where you want to be.

This is delivered via meetings on Zoom, where we will break down your targets, your goals and ambition into manageable pieces, manageable targets and manageable time frames.

As you may be aware Together We Count are expert accountants in the plumbing and heating industry. This is due to Aaron Mcleish, the director of Together We Count spending many years as a finance director for a multimillion-pound plumbing and heating business.

In addition, we are also experts in the hospitality industry. An industry familiar to us as Aaron co-owns an award-winning cocktail bar in central Brighton.

Our business advisory programme is open to businesses in these sectors.

To find out more please get in touch today