I think all plumbing and heating businesses should have a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is everything you need to do in order to get a customer to get in touch. To email you, give you a call, book in a visit. That’s what marketing is. Getting your name out there so potential customers to get in touch. Once a potential customer has got in touch with you, we then move onto the sales side of the business. Everything form that point up to the acceptance of a quote is the sales. For this blog, we’re just going to concentrate on a marketing strategy. Everything you do as a business to get a potential customer to make an enquiry.

Firstly, in regards to a strategy we need to start off with, who is your ideal client?

An ideal client is defined as the following:

‘Someone who finds the perfect solution to their problems or needs in the services or products that your company provides. The ideal client is loyal to your company, frequently uses or buys your products or services and is likely to recommend you to friends and family’

It could be the Karen’s of the world, the local letting agent, the local council, a local builder, commercial properties, restaurants, hotels, schools, churches. You could be aiming at wealthy clients, you may just want to work within a ten mile radius of your home, you may just want to work with oil, LPG, gas, heat pumps or electric boilers. You might only do plumbing and work solely with water, you might only do bathrooms, or kitchens.

Don’t say “no job too big or too small, we will fix a tap up to a full house renovation”


There’s so many different elements to a plumbing and heating business, but what I find is that businesses that have an ideal client in mind and focus all of their marketing effort towards that ideal client, have much better results than a plumbing and heating business who has no strategy and tries to speak to everyone in their advertising. Stating that they will fix anything from a broken tap to a full house renovation. Now it’s fine saying that but who is you marketing meant to be talking to? Who do you want to attract when you say that? Are you happy with going to potential clients houses and fixing a tap, changing a washer, or are you happier doing a big £40,000 job which is a full house renovation?

In my eyes you need to say one or the other. Don’t say “no job too big or too small, we will fix a tap up to a full house renovation” because which one do you do? They are completely different. You need to have more focus and hone in on your ideal client more.

If say, you do just want to fix the broken tap then say that:

Minor repairs fixed within 24 hours. For a set fee of £X we will fix your broken tap. If we can’t repair it, we guarantee to replace on the same day. There’s nothing we don’t know about taps.

Talk to who you want to talk to. Now that is very different to a plumbing and heating business which is geared towards doing full large jobs like house renovations or new build projects.

If you want to work in high-end luxury properties, then talk to the people you wish to attract. Explain to them that your public liability insurance is £1million. Explain to them that all your engineers are fully qualified, DBS registered, X amount of years of experience. Show them your portfolio of work where you have completed a full referb in a property like theirs and wow them. Explain that you have a team of five or ten people who are experts in specific elements of the renovation. Explain that you have expert first fix plumbers, second fix plumbers, expert pipe layer, expert boiler installers. 


“if you try to talk to everyone, you end up talking to no-one”

Another example is a letting agent. Now a letting agent may have two hundred or two thousand properties on their books. What does that letting agent want from their gas engineer or plumbing and heating business? They want someone who can go out within 24 hours. Someone who is reliable, someone who has all their paperwork in order. Therefore, gear your business up for that. If you want to aim your business towards letting agents, explain to them that you have a pool of engineers available on demand to meet adhoc emergency works. Explain to the letting agent that you’ve got the capacity to take on their housing stock. When a different plumbing and heating business gets a call from the letting agents, and they end up letting them down, that doesn’t look good. Let them know that you have resources to take on the large stock of houses.

There’s a saying in business that goes, “if you try to talk to everyone, you end up talking to no-one”. Be very specific with your marketing. Have an ideal client in mind and have your business geared up to satisfy all of the pain points, all of the problems, all of the hassles that your ideal client has.

Tailor your marketing to your ideal client and you will go far.

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