HMRC CJRS Compliance Letter

It has come to my attention that HMRC have started to
send out Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme compliance letters to selected
employers where they believe that CJRS grant claims contain errors or have
possibly been ‘fraudulently’ made.

The letters appear to be pretty vague, stating that the
employers CJRS claim maybe incorrect perhaps because ineligible employees were
included or too much was claimed for some other reason. No details are given as
to how much might have been over claimed or who is possibly ineligible or even
which of the claims made is coming under scrutiny. The letter also sets a tight
deadline to respond by otherwise it threatens opening up a HMRC compliance
review which could result in penalties being triggered.

The letter goes on to state that if the employer believes
the claims are correct to phone HMRC and state that view. HMRC will then, in
time, allocate an officer to the case to carry out a review. If the employer
thinks the claim is now incorrect the letter asks for the business to reply by
email and then instructions will be provided to make a formal disclosure.

If you are a client of Together We Count and receive such a letter, please forward me a copy and get in touch. There are many reasons that  an
‘ineligible’ employee who was not paid through the PAYE system in February or
March is in fact ‘eligible’. They returned from parental leave or active
military service (after 10th June) are just two examples.

We can review your circumstances together and compose a suitable reply or action plan to deal with the letter accordingly. 

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

0114 400 0119

01273 569088


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