Helpful cheap ways to build a thriving web presence for your business, from social media to google searches. Clearly explained with useful links.

The most basic reason for people to make a website is to create an online presence. This includes a way for consumers to contact you, business information, and what makes you and your business special. There are quite a few ways to create a good web presence, and the most important one includes a well-designed website.
A domain name will secure your place on the internet no matter what trends are hot. Having a strong website with a homepage that lets consumers contact you is essential. Your homepage should clearly answer what the point of you making the website is, and why the consumers should trust you. Your homepage is critical as it’s the first thing visitors see. Do not lose them at the start, so make sure your homepage is clear and concise. An about page can then give more contact information for you and your consumers to connect. It should go in depth about what your business is about and what you want to accomplish. A great place to create and design your website is from .
A blog is important because it shows your readers that you are an expert in what you’re talking about, and lets them know more about you. It is a way for your consumers to contact you. The more contact you have with your consumers, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Social media accounts are one of the more important ones to create a good web presence and capture leads. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter helps you connect with your consumers, and learn what they want and think about your product. Usually, for this to work, owning a blog helps. Your blog can link to your social media, and you can continue to build a stronger connection with your consumers. Go to or and build a stronger web presence! LinkedIn and Google + are other social media platforms that you can connect with your consumers. Visit to sign up on LinkedIn and to sign up on Google +.
Make sure you update your social media and blogs regularly. If you don’t post something often, you will start losing readers, and the google search engine will not notice you until you produce some content. Do not update it too often, and make a ton of posts a day. This counts as spam, and that will lead to you losing readers too. Make sure you create a good web presence and keep your readers happy.
You can also get a stronger online presence and connect with your consumers with advertising your local business in business directories such as Yell. By visiting and filling out a small form, you can submit your business to the website for hundreds of customers to see. From websites to pay- per- click, Yell has the solutions to make your business visible online. is another local business directory that helps you advertise your business and create a better web presence. Aabaco is a company owned by Yahoo that helps you promote your business online. Other similar websites include and Thomson local is a directory of UK businesses which could be easily be found by its search engine. You can advertise your business on there and get seen by thousands of people. When listing your business on google –, please ensure that you have a gmail account. A website is not required, but recommended, all you have to do is import the locations and write a bit about your business, and you’re all set to go.

If you are serious about growing your business then the above information is a good starting point to get more traffic and noticed by Google.
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