One of the first-ever accounting firms in the UK to accept Bitcoin payments

Together We Count: is one of the first-ever accounting firms in the United Kingdom to accept Bitcoin payments.

Until now, you would have to pay for service via bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. When it comes to Internet-related services, PayPal had the main role. Together We Count one of the first accounting firms in the UK which accepts your payments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, we promise you the safety of each transaction and so much more.

We are proud to introduce this new method of payment possibilities. There are still plenty of the clients who prefer PayPal, but the transaction fees are high. For example, you will pay 2.9% of the total fees plus an additional £0.30p per transaction. In addition, PayPal may increase their fees at any given time and they differ for all users. In some cases, even 5% fee is payable.