Last month Aaron appeared as a guest on Wayne Bettess’ ‘Off The Tools’ podcast to discuss his new book, The Quote Handbook- Essential Steps to Building the Perfect Boiler Quote.

We recommend you subscribe to Wayne’s podcast, especially if you are a tradesperson, or business owner. The topics covered in his regular podcasts are always on point and relevant to current economic circumstances and are full of insight and fresh ideas from real business owners, making the content so authentic.
You’ll find ‘Off The Tools’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or whatever podcast app you like to use and for the link to the episode featuring Aaron click here.

Here’s some of what you can look forward to in the podcast……….

Ever wondered what an accountant could possibly have to say about quoting for a boiler installation? Well Wayne gets straight to the point and asks exactly that. Aaron’s years of experience as a finance director for a large plumbing and heating firm has given him an alternative perspective on the industry. A view on the industry from a financial perspective.

He talks about the benefits of Xero to all businesses. “see Xero as your iPhone. You add apps to your phones to enhance the capabilities. Xero works in the same way” Some of the apps available to Xero mentioned in the podcast are listed below.



Service M8


Making tax digital

Wayne and Aaron discuss what that means and predict what that means for the self employed and the sole traders from April 2022 and how the ‘tax man’ isn’t as scary as we all think! HMRC is run by people, not monsters apparently!

The Quote Handbook

Aaron introduces his new book and discusses what it’s all about, who it is for and why he wrote it. You’ll get a good understanding of why this is such an important book for trades people. You’ll hear about the three price quote concept which is the key message to be taken from The Quote Handbook.

Wayne rightly points out that although The Quote Handbook is written with the working example of a boiler installation, the concept is applicable to all trades and even some non-trade businesses.

Hear them discuss many elements of the book including price anchors, the benefit of an appendix and FAQ’s.


Aaron brings up Kaizen and explains the Japanese philosophy which we have previously blogged about. It’s something that we live by at Together We Count so be sure to check out the article we wrote last year.

The Quote Handbook is available now on Amazon as paperback, Kindle edition and will be available on Audible in the very near future!

It’s still business as usual at Together We Count so please get in touch today if you would like to discuss your business with us.

Thank you for your interest,

Aaron Mcleish

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