You may have stumbled across us if you have a business or even if you are thinking of starting a business. But what is a business? Why have you started this journey? What is it all for? What is your passion or calling? TWC likes to get to the heart of the individual behind the business. What makes you tick? What makes you get up every day to do the things you do to ensure that the business keeps beating?

Once we understand the individual, their specific needs and future dreams, their bucket list, we can then dive into the business. We feel that a business should complement ones goals in life, be it personal goals, business goals or a self-fulfillment prophecy. This can take the form of a number of elements such as:

  • Personal wealth
  • Health
  • Work/life balance
  • Holidays taken
  • Business and personal awards won

The list goes on!

Dreams into reality

So that’s why we’ve used our skills with numbers along with the ideas of some of the world’s leading business thinkers and achievers, to develop a series of processes, systems, and tools to help businesses like yours become much more successful in their own right. In other words, to help you achieve your dreams and specific needs.

It’s also why one of the first questions we will ask you when we meet is “what sort of success do you dream about?” By knowing this we can then ensure that your business is able to complement your dreams.

Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, our team of qualified and highly experienced accountants are here to help you achieve your key personal and business objectives.

At Together We Count, we are wholly focused on the success of your business to ensure that it aligns with your personal lifestyle. We do everything within our power to help you keep more of what you make.

When running a business, it can often be difficult to cope with all the rules and regulations that you need to take into account to avoid getting into trouble with the variety of authorities. Relax! At Together We Count, we make everything less stressful by taking charge of all your taxation, compliance and accounting needs. Armed with this information we then take further steps to help you better understand the numbers and what they mean, spot potential areas of improvement and help execute a plan to ensure set goals are achieved.

Our business philosophy is based on the fact that we treat each and every client like they are our only client! As such, we don’t just sit around and wait until your annual accounts and tax returns are due. Instead, we talk to you throughout the year and make sure that your tax is as efficient as it can be with pro-active tax planning so that you get to keep more of what you make.

When we work together as your external business partner we guarantee the following commitment:

  • Operating on the principle that a problem isn’t solved, or a piece of work finished until you are 100% delighted
  • Keeping you fully informed about what’s happening on your affairs and completing every task on or ahead of time – so that you never have to chase us
  • Respond to every telephone message
  • Reply to every letter and email
  • To never compromise the high standards of integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality that you rightly expect from us
  • Always being on the lookout for new ideas that could help you to build an even more successful business and achieve your business and personal goals via our network of clients and trusted partners